Ring Shooter

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The purpose of this subassembly is to shoot rings into the targets or to strike power shot goals. It mounts on the front of the robot at a 45 degree angle. The strength of the shot is adjusted by changing the speed of the shooter motor in software. In fact, the driver can change it on the fly with his gamepad. It doesn’t shoot straight, but the flight angle is relatively consistent so the driver or the autonomous software can adjust.

Right Side View

The baseplate, bucket, flipper arm, and shooter wheel are all 3D printed parts designed by us. the bucket is the largest and most complex 3D print in the robot (many layers and supports). It took just over 24 hours to print. The other parts are GoBilda catalog items.

Front View Showing Shooter Wheel and Launch Slot
Rear View Showing Servo Flipper. The small notch is needed to clear the conveyor pins.
Top View showing ring placement and pinch width at the shooter wheel