Our Team

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The youth of the N.E.R.D.S. team are the most important part of the team itself. Though small, each member has valuable skills to contribute to the group to take on the challenges of each season. Our team consists of smart kids working in different areas. Each member of our team is a special part of a whole. Mentors and team members are each very important and all have a very important role to play. We all strive to assist each other in any challenge that may arise, even if it is out of our specific field.

Several schools were approached for members, including Northeast Nodaway, North Nodaway, South Holt, Stanberry, Jefferson, and South Nodaway. Out of those schools asked, our members only come from South Nodaway, Jefferson and Stanberry. There are some drawbacks of coming from such small schools, those being that most members are very active in many other student activities, organizations, and sports. This can sometimes lead to our members not having enough time to assist the team as we would hope. Despite this, our members still try to be as active as they can and get as much done as possible in the short time we have during each meeting. This requires a lot of focus and dedication, and effort from our members. For this, we are proud of our team, and are happy to be the N.E.R.D.S.