Our 2020-21 Robot

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A view of the left side

This year’s robot has five main subsystems:

  • Drive chassis
    Four GoBilda 5302 series motors with right angle gear drives to four GoBilda Mecanum wheels.
  • Ring intake system
    A set of rollers that float near the floor and pull rings into the conveyor. The driver of the robot can reverse the rollers if a ring gets jammed.
  • Ring conveyor system
    Rings captured by the intake rollers are guided up a ramp by a set of belts and delivered to the shooter bucket.
  • Ring shooter
    The ring shooter consists of a bucket capable of holding three rings, a spinning wheel just ahead of where the rings rest, and a servo arm that can push the bottom ring in the stack into the spinner.
  • Wobble goal grabber
    This is an arm that can be deployed to grab a wobble goal. A servo gripper arm secures the goal and allows it to be carried and dropped over the back wall.
3D CAD Model