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Here are links to other websites that we have found useful. We make no guarantee that all of these are still current.

US First Information

Meet Standings –

2022-23 Challenge Information

FTC Home Page

New Member Registration

FTC Forum

reddit FTC forum

FTC Official Blog

Missouri USFirst Home Page

FTC Technology

github – Source code for Robot Controller and Driver Station

Blocks Programming Training Manual pdf

FTC Resource Library

FTC Parts Vendors

Servo City – Actobotics parts and Servos

Tetrix Robotics – One official supplier of FTC parts

Modern Robotics – Supplier of the control modules and Matrix parts

AndyMark – Supplier of game fields and other robot parts

REV Robotics – New supplier of FTC parts, 15mm extrusions and hex shafts

RobotShop – Supplier of a wide variety of robots and parts

McMaster-Carr  – everything mechanical

Other FTC Team Websites

Terra Nova Robotics – Pacifica, California

Team 3491 – FTC Victoria, BC – vuforia experts

Team 4140 – Lakeland, Minnesota

Team 7842 – The Browncoats, Huntsville, AL

Line Follower Videos

Slow and simple

LVBots Line Following Competition April 2015

Arduino Parts Vendors




Brainy Bits

Micro Center (has store in Kansas City)