Ring Conveyor

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The purpose of this sub assembly is to pick up rings fed to it by the Ring Intake subassembly and deliver them to the shooter bucket.

This part of the robot required many iterations as we tried different methods of transporting the rings. Our final approach was to use a pair of 3D printed flipper wheels to lift the leading edge of the ring and a timing belt with small brass pins mounted in it to pull the ring up the ramp. The rear axle is powered from a motor mounted on the chassis and the three timing belts rotate the front axle.

There are 3 different 3D parts in the conveyor subassembly:

  • The six-pronged flipper wheels
  • Side adapters (left right mirrored) to allow the side channels to mount at a 25 degree angle with the chassis
  • Ring deflectors (again left right mirrored) to center the ring as it moves up the ramp.

The two side channels required clipping their lowest corners to clear the floor. This was done using a bandsaw and careful sanding and filing to eliminate sharp edges.

The transparent lid was fabricated from a 1/8″ thick sheet of polycarbonate.

Closeup showing the Conveyor Drive Motor