FTC Links

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Here are links to other websites that we have found useful. We make no guarantee that all of these are still current.

US First Information

moftcscores.net – Meet Standings and Event Information in Missouri

2017-18 Challenge Information

FTC Home Page

New Member Registration

FTC Forum

reddit FTC forum

FTC Official Blog

Missouri USFirst Home Page

       FIRST inspires Twitch

       FIRST Twitter

       FIRST MO Twitter

       FIRST Tech Challenge Twitter

FTC Technology

github – Source code for Robot Controller and Driver Station

Blocks Programming Training Manual pdf

FTC Resource Library

Other FTC Team Websites

Terra Nova Robotics – Pacifica, California

Team 3491 – FTC Victoria, BC – vuforia experts

Team 4140 – Lakeland, Minnesota

Team 7842 – The Browncoats, Huntsville, AL