November 19 Meet

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On November 19, the N.E.R.D.S. team met at Mr. Gerald Nelson’s home for a meet. Those attending were Evan Nothstine, Caden Peck, Dick Ross, Colton Swalley, Mr. Nelson, Michael Burke, and Nathan Meyer.

Exciting news graced the meeting: The new Youtube channel had been formed. You can find it by going to and searching key words “Team 9960.” The channel is still very young, with only two videos and not even a profile picture on it. However, the work and efforts of Mr. Swalley can be assured, and team 9960 can feel sure of the good channel that shall come from this activity. On it, we will be posting videos of our team, our methods, our members, and most of all, our robot. This was the main occurrence of the meet. The rest of the time was spent doing things such as further training with the robot, and working on the shafts of greenheart. The greenheart wood used has an extensive history, as it once belonged to a man who meant to make a large yacht out of it. He passed away, and Mr. Nelson received some of the wood. The scissorlift was nearly complete. It would move by having bottom beams mechanically pushed forwards, pushing the other beams up and forcing up the scissorlift. Unfortunately, the forcing necessary was the problem. If the lift was fully compacted, it required great force to push and lift. Ideas were to have a way to insure it did not compact past a certain point, so less stress was caused. Perhaps a sensor or brake of sorts? Whatever the case, any improvements needed would be made.

Hopefully the N.E.R.D.S. Youtube channel will be useful. Below are links to the videos.

Robot (pt. 1)

Robot (pt. 2)

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