November 12 Meet

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On November 12, the N.E.R.D.S team met at the garage of Mr. Nelson to have another meet. Those attending were Mr. Nelson, Mr. Ross, Caden Peck, Coulton Swalle, Nathan Meyers, Evan Nothstine, and Micheal Burke.

The meeting began with the finishing touches on the greenheart scissorlift’s first half. Holes in the middle of the beams were drilled to create room for connectors to pull together the beams in an X shape. Holes at the ends were also drilled so the wood X’s could be put together. All this was overseen by member Mr. Burke, who used Mr. Nelson’s efficient laser guided drill to make the holes in the sturdy wood. These were all fastened and connected together with little segments of pipe, cut and measured by Mr. Nothstine. However, more work was to be done. This was only one half of the essential scissorlift, and more greenheart had to be prepped. So, Coulton Swalle stepped to plate, and began to sand the many more beams of greenheart needed. To keep skill up, members also worked with the now-tuned robot. Yet with each new piece of greenheart, more drilling and pipe cutting needed to be done. So, hands at the ready, Mr. BurkeĀ and Mr. Nothstine continued to work. Towards the end of the meet, an exciting announcement was made: Team 9960 was forming a Youtube channel thanks to Mr. Swalle. However, the password had been forgotten, so this needed to be fixed. Upon password after password being tried, none could be found correct. So, a whole new channel had to be created, halting the process. The team, with two videos at the ready to be posted, awaited the formation of the channel eagerly, hoping it to be done by the next meet.

The team looked hopefully on, excited to have a channel to chronicle their journey through this years challenge, and hopefully, to the state championships.