Design Strategy 2017-18

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These are the ways that points can be scored this year:


  • Remove the Jewel (whiffle ball) of the opposing Alliance color – 30 points
  • Place a Glyph in the Cryptobox (put a block in the rack) – 15 points
  • Put the Glyph in the correct box based on the Cryptobox Key (picture) – 30 points
  • Park in the Safe Zone – 10 points

It is therefore possible to earn 85 points in Autonomous. We worked out methods for accomplishing all of these tasks and so our strategy is to get all 85 points.

Driver-Controlled Period:

  • For each Glyph scored in the Cryptobox – 2 points
  • For each completed row – 10 points
  • For each completed column – 20 points
  • If all 12 Glyphs are scored in one of three special patterns – 30 points

Our strategy is to score as many Glyphs as possible. Scoring all 12 in the right pattern is very difficult, but worthwhile if it can be done.

End Game:

  • Pick up a Relic (the little yellow guys in the corners) and place it on the Recovery Zone outside the playing field – up to 40 points depending on the distance
  • If the Relic is standing upright – 15 additional points
  • Park balanced (no corners touching the floor) on a Balancing Stone(tilting 2′ x 2′ platform) at the end of the match – 20 points

To pick up and place a Relic would require a special mechanism on the robot. Plus, as our experience with the game grew, it became obvious that the end game time was needed to have any chance of filling the Cryptobox. So our strategy is to ignore the relic, but balance on the Balancing Stone at the end if time permits.