Our Team

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The youth of the N.E.R.D.S. team are the most important part of the team itself. Though small, each member has valuable skills to contribute to the group to take on the challenge and build from it.

Team as of January, 2018

Kevin Henggeler is the one of the main robot testers and operators. He helps maintain the robot and aid team members in other tasks related to the robot. Kevin is the thirteen year old son of Cathy and James Henggeler and the elder brother to Tony Henggeler. Kevin harbors a deep interest in robotics and the engineering behind building one, and strives to learn these things in his time with the N.E.R.D.S. He attends South Nodaway High School.

Nathan Meyer is the thirteen year old son of Clint and Marcy Meyer. He attends Northeast Nodaway High School, and holds a deep interest in electronics, specifically computers and robots. This interest and the urge to know more about robots prompted Nathan to join the team. He serves as the co-driver of the robot.

Jerry Nelson is the founder and mentor/coach of the team. Most of the robot construction and testing takes place in his shop in Conception, Missouri.

Colton Swalley is a robot operator and test driver, and helped with the building of the robot, mainly working on the special greenheart wood of it. He is twelve years old, and the son of Karen and Ben Swalley. He is a student at Northeast Nodaway High School and enjoys basketball, baseball, and most sports and physical activities in general. Colton hopes to learn more about science and mechanics with the team.

Connor LaBryer is the middle child of Teresa Courdry. He is fifteen years old, and is the robot driver. He is the brother of Nicco and Kane LaBryer, and loves gaming, sports,and the miracle of Monster energy drink. He hopes to learn more on the coding of robots, and how Java Script is worked.

Nicco LaBryer also attends South Nodaway High School and is interested in software and media.

Samuel Nothstine is the driver coach and a longtime member of the N.E.R.D.S. He is the eldest son of Chris and Kate Nothstine at sixteen years old, brother to Gabriel Nothstine, and goes to South Nodaway High School. He enjoys gaming, engineering, and coding, and hopes to learn more about coding especially.

Several schools were approached for members, including Northeast Nodaway, Stanberry, Jefferson, and South Nodaway. Most members come from South Nodaway, but there are some problems with the drawbacks of coming from such a small school. The drawback is that most members cannot devote the time that may be needed for a robot. This is because of the fact that if a member is in another activity outside of school, time must be devoted to one thing mainly, as more members to cover are hard to find. This is also because the realm of competition is lowered due to less members, so more time is needed out with your head in the game. This can make getting things on the robot done take longer, so a lot of effort must be put forth from the team. For this, we are proud of our team, and are happy to be the N.E.R.D.S.